Suavecito’s Oil Base Pomade

The pomade giant has done it again with something new. This time around it’s not a seasonal pomade or another variation of the originals, it’s something completely new. Suavecito has stepped outside of their norm and actually made, an oil base. Yes, I said oil base.

I can’t even really explain how this tin makes me feel, it’s so nice.

 Their water base pomades are white plastic containers with the labels we have all come to know. This tin is a Murray’s style tin but spared no expense on the beauty of its design. The tins have texture along the name, mascots and the words “OIL-BASED POMADE.” The black tin makes everything stand out wonderfully. They remind me of the attention to detail the Prospectors Pomade tins have. Ok, enough gushing over the tin, but you have too see it yourself.

The pomade is a yellow hue and easy to scoop. You will immediately feel the tacky goodness of this pomade and the shine by looking at the pomade once scooped. Simple to apply and no drying time with oil based. These types stay pliable and better yet infuse themselves in to the strands for a bit more weight and build up.

With the buildup of an oil base you can do two things. First off by build up I mean the residual pomade that stays after a washing since this is an oil base. One, you can leave it alone and get a nice kind of salon type feeling in your hair and style due to the oil in your hair. It will not have the same amount of hold as a fresh application but is a nice change and penny saver. Secondly, you can apply more for more hold since the residual is already in the hair strand. Sort of adding another say 10-15% of hold if that makes sense.

Working as a medium hold with a nice shine to it, this is a well-made pomade. The style I went for this time was an executive contour. My lines were crisp along with the side part. I didn’t go for too much height this time but what I had was solid. The scent is also the original Suavecito scent that is undeniably their own. This pomade will take a wash or two to completely get out. I recommend seeing what you end up with after a single wash and how you like it at least once.



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