Suavecito's Limited Edition Summer Pomade

Is it really news that Suavecito has yet another product in the game? Actually, yes, it is. Here with another seasonal LIMITED EDITION, I repeat, LIMITED EDITION. Suavecito does not stray from what works and this time it has a summer scent. This summer will go towards a bamboo and lotus scent.

The scent is light and fresh and what more would you want from a summer scent. Pick the hold that best suits your style and daily activities. Either the Original medium hold or the tougher working Firm for those stubborn styles. Suavecito has always been a water soluble company, the pomade will wash out with just one wave. So make sure to take it with you in case any beach bunnies want to tag along. Keep looking Suave with Suavecito.

Pair this pomade with a new Suavecito Premium Blends comb.



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