Summer Time, Vacation, Pomade Size Offerings
Wishes VS Reality. WELCOME SUMMER! Where our brains let the heat get the best of us and parking is frustrating. Yet Southern California residents would do it every day if they could. Our beaches are beautiful and so are the people. This time just evokes a fun energy in the air, because around here it feels like summer all year long.
Young Boy with fresh haircut
The kids are out for summer! You could get cheap and let the tikes just grow it all out. Wait for the school year to restart and then get them a cut. Would you do that for yourself? Well, I guess if we had the summer off we probably would. Keep those young ones looking good all year round. Good grooming, good manners, good future people.
pomade in small/ travel sizes
Are you literally looking for a little bit of a change? Not all pomades come in size variations. A few like Prospectors and Reuzel pomade do offer smaller tins of their original lineup. The Reuzel is a 1.3 oz. while the Prospectors is 1.5 ounces. Change things up, you might surprise yourself.



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