Sweet Georgia Brown, Byrd pomade, Reuzel Tonics
A classic morning by way of Sweet Georgia Brown hairdressing pomade. The red can is the original for the fair haired folks whose #hair works with them for the most part. The blue can is for the tougher to work with and more secure styles. I've always kept a Sweet Georgia Brown in my collection, it's that good. 
Classic Byrd Pomade
A fresh stock has flown in. The Byrd is back in town. The Classic is a petrolatum based strong hold with a nice sheen The matte is a waterbased strong hold as well and great for a nice feathered finger style. Their light is also a water based #pomade with a light to medium hold and a has a natural sheen.
Reuzel Hair Tonics
The brownish gold is the Reuzel grooming tonic Perfect for blow-drying and thermal stylings. lightweight and great for #volume The lighter blue is a hairtonic oil free formula. Great for a vibrance restoration of a naturally healthy looking shine. Revitalize your #hair with the help of some great products.



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