Take A Step In The Right Direction, Nostalgic Grooming Firm Hold
Take your look from average to "damn I look good." When you look and feel good a certain mysterious confidence will come about. Take charge of the days ahead and don't waste those good looks on the mundane. Present yourself the way you want to be treated.
Nostalgic Handmade Pomade
An oil based pomade a notch above the medium hold providing a fine balance of hold to slickness ratio. It does not have a waxy crust like most heavy oil based pomades. You might have to rub it a little longer in your hands to get the beads down. Not a problem, I would do that for any great pomade. Killer scent just like the entire line. If one guy knows how to choose a scent and choose it perfectly, it's Dave Leslie. Did I mention all his pomades are top notch? 



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