The Classics Pomade, Beard or Clean Shaven, Always On the Hunt
"Read the reviews Tried the product. I like the more masculine smells and it's amazing. Great hold. Very pleased with the product. Would definitely buy it again." -Jason B. One customer on how he came to buy this wonderful pomade. A petroleum based medium with a great vanilla scent. Ingredients contain nuts. Net wt. 4 oz. The Classics Pomade Co. Vanilla Pipe Tobacco
Great shot of a gentleman before and after a haircut and beard shave
We understand some of you just don't shave. Those of you have to understand that some people do. Dan here got the full service @revolutionbarberco
comic character jumping out the window
Some guys when new products come out. Mr. Pomade is always on the hunt. As a purveyor of grooming products, there will always be new goods. You can either jump head first or stop in and look at the newest NEWS at Click the tab where there will be all kinds of new products information.



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