The Height Plight

A pomp to talk about. @mrsimonharvey did up this disconnected #psychobilly #pomp up with #layriteofficialIt's nice to see the flow in the front with a bit of some round shape. When having a #pompadour style tend to round the front as a straight up wedge looks more unnatural. One simple tip is, while still combing your hair, pat the top of the front while your comb is still in the hair. Pushing it little by little towards a round shape. The lower the pomp the easier. #mrpomade

Sticky Stuff is the ultimate pomade that holds hair in perfect place all day. Suitable for a diverse range of hairstyles, like slick back or quiff with a polished look. Unique formula created by the owners of New York Barbershop. Rinses out easily and leaves no residue. Great fresh scent.




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