The Shape Of Pomp To Come

The biggest line said about this pomade is “The Shape Of Pomps To Come is like a water based version of the Pomps Not Dead OG.” - Brandon Rodriguez

So here we have it, Pomps Not Dead’s water based pomade. I’m liking the fact that Edwin went with an unorthodox water base instead of a gel type. This pomade sticks to the medium weight side of hair grooming. The lid has artwork mirroring the Refused album THE SHAPE OF PUNK TO COME.

 pomps not dead

Not your average scooping, this is a thick consistency with a smooth break down. I did get a little beading but nothing a comb can’t handle. Pretty much reminiscent of Nostalgic Handmade Pomade. The initial application is very light and simple in the hair. Finger ran this through and then combed it back with pretty much no tug. I actually get a nice sheen that is in between matte and super shine. It’s a healthy shine that every styling should have.

 Pomps not dead

This pomade will not lock in. So for those of you with waves and are trying to attempt a straight style, you might get some waves back. Yet it is nothing to worry of fuss over. Restyling if needed is comfortable with this pomade and the strength retains most of itself. There is a nice bounce to my hair that has two scoops of TSOPTC.

 Pomps Not Dead

Sandalwood and Bay Rum scented. I even still smell it in my hands slightly a couple hours later. This pomade will pair nice with suit, or nicer clothing. An easily rinsed product taking only one shampooing to completely remove. Give it a try.

Simliar to Pomps Not Dead Original



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