Third & Co

Starting as Alt Grooming Co. in 2014 with the objective to create a brand that used 100% natural ingredients for men and women. Starting with a beard balm, oil and body balm they eventually got into pomade. Along the way, the brand name changed to the clever Third & Co. that we know today. Here’s a look at three of their products that are now in the Mr. Pomade store.

Texturizing Clay: So here is a clay with healthy oils and beneficial clays. There are properties like bentonite and white kaolin clay as well as glacial clay added. Packed with beneficial oxides, cleansing and detoxifying properties, and the promotion of healthy skin, hydration and blood circulation. This Vanilla Sandalwood reminds me of red licorice upon opening. A nice thick scooping but it vanished upon rubbing but it keeps a nice tacky feeling. I didn’t get any application globs which was nice. My hair had a great thick look to it, but it wasn’t a super weighed down product. This pomade is definitely for the person who knows what style they like. A simple one wash and all was gone.

Styling Cream: You can pronounce all the ingredients which I like. Easy scoop and breakdown that leads to a little dryer product. You can go for more stylized or textured styles with this cream. A nice light feel and easy to use product. It worked great for the top and I used about a half lick more on the sides. My style came out really clean, and after a while my hair looked cared for. When the cream infused itself into my hair it just gave it a healthy appearance.

Classic Pomade: A very clean product, there is no overly greasy feeling. Easy scooping medium pomade does a great job at holding everything together. It’s a nice classic pomade with a great slickness and restyling ease if need be. Best said by Michael Bateman, “It styles like a light, it holds like a medium and endures like a heavy.”




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