Why choose TOWELDRY? “Because life is complicated... getting ready for it shouldn’t be.”

TOWELDRY uses natural extracts, plant derivatives, and proteins that strengthen hair and stimulate growth. This award winnig line is great, catering to everything and everyone. They give the option to have hold with or without the shine as well with their lighter products. Leading you to not second guess so much and letting you choose exactly what you are looking for in a product that is for you and only you.


Clay Styler: Dye, paraben, gluten and fragrance free. Application is fairly easy after a little tough scooping as it is a clay. Great lasting hold with a natural matte finish. Nice textured looks can be achieved with this malleable product.

Firm Hold Pomade: Smooth and pliable styling. This firm hold easy to apply pomade has a great shine to it. Easy to wash out classic look giving product. Perfect for those who want the look without the trouble.

Extra-Firm Hold + Low Shine: You don’t get awards for subpar products. This award winning paste is organic and natural wax based. A little goes a long way and it is resistant to humidity. Helps hair look thicker, is an all-day hold with minimal shine.

Lite Hold: The flip side of things product. Now here is a light holding water based product that has great shine. For those not looking for too much control but workable styling and sheen. Easily washes out and paraben free.



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