Trade Union Supply

There is a bit of a label make-over for the North Carolina brand of Trade Union among something new. There’s a water base that is now in stock and hemp seed oil is added to the original.

Trade Union Pomade with hemp seed oil is everything you want without the petroleum. This pomade was formulated for natural shine, great hold and control. By making it with natural waxes, butters and oils, it will keep your hair nourished, soft and healthy. A great option from all those chemically packed products that bring nothing beneficial to the table. If you have enjoyed the previous run, you will really appreciate this one.

Now on to their all new unorthodox water base. They handcrafted this pomade to nourish your hair instead of drying it out. It scoops out creamy as if someone mixed Ace High pomade and O’Douds mutli-purpose. As soon as you start to rub it, it starts to thicken and grip. A non-hardening formula that is scented with pure essential oils sprouting woodsy, citrus and sweet oakmoss scents.

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