Uppercut (Easy Hold & Matt Pomade)

Now Uppercut has come out with their EASY HOLD and easy hold it is. A lightweight texture that adds volume to an easy to style look. Perfect for that “rolled out of bed this way” contained messy look, great for slickbacks, undercuts and side parted styles. This is a product that lets you get some hold without the heaviness that other products can bring. Like Uppercut has said, it is lighter than the featherweight and creamier than the matt pomade. It left a nice natural matte finish and held up nicely through the day. This pomade has a natural woody tobacco scent to it and is suitable for all hair types and lengths. Washes out in one go.  

Uppercut MATT POMADE is a medium holding pomade with yes, a matte finish. A very versatile product that works in just about any type of hair. An easy scoop and great applying pomade. If you are looking for even more volume strike it up with vented brush and a blow dryer. Easier to use than the matt clay pomade and easier to wash out. This will give a nicely combed style the appearance that the hair naturally combs the way you styled it.

Both of these are great products for styles that are easy on the eyes. Check out these and the rest of the great line from UPPERCUT here: https://www.pomade.com/collections/vendors?q=Uppercut%20Pomade




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