Uppercut Pomade, Mr.Pomade Pocket Comb, Clark Gable
Let's start this week off with some great words. "Great selection, great reviews and true about it. Pomade itself is great. Great hold great smell. Great for curly hair." -Pablo M. Told you they were great, and so is Uppercut Pomade Deluxe
Mr. Pomade Pocket Comb
It's midday and you noticed that there is a strand that is making you uneasy. How about something convenient, durable and inexpensive would help. How about a #mrpomade #pocketcomb that you can take anywhere. Leave one at the office, one in the car or just leave one in.... YOUR POCKET! 
Clark Gable
Clark Gable never made combing one's hair look so good. A #naturalpart and a #style that is just slick slick slick. No decade has been able to beat the 50's #classic style and #grooming. Back when the men were men and the women were ladies. Ladies who deserved to have a door or two opened for them. A simpler time, a timeless fashion.



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