V Rated Natural Wax: Upon opening I was at odds with seeing a bit of drying. Yet with this one, I was even more surprised to learn that the product is way softer than most products. When you see a little drying you kind of expect a little resistance on the top layer, well not with this. It was so fluffy I kept playing with it over and over. I tried a scoop dry and it was easy, then I added water and went for some more. The shine as well was a bit different. This was, that super healthy vibrant kind of shine, not just “my head has wax and oils” shine. The scent reminds me of one of those nice mock IKEA rooms, it just has this really wonderful cedar scent in a mature way. I used 3 scoops for my hair and to me this is definitely a light pomade but it has hold to it. Not really use to such light products, but my hair stayed where it was combed to. This is more for the natural styles but stands its ground. So easy you can wash it out without shampoo. 

Molding Paste: The same blue cedar scent as the V Rated Natural Wax. Yet on this product I did use a scoop less for styling.  It felt a little thicker upon scooping but still is a somewhat difference. Kind of like the difference between face lotion and body cream. This one I applied with damp hair. I was surprised at the hold that was coming about as everything started to dry up. It is like wearing the lightest gel type pomade, though, it’s not a gel type. My style has stood its place and leaves a nice transition between long and short styling. Easy to wash out.

Texture Clay: The lightest scented and thickest consistency of these three blue cedar scented products. It’s kind of a quirky product. Upon application the shorter hairs that were a bit more dry were already getting a grip feel. I thought for sure that this was going to be tough, but it wasn’t. About 5 minutes after I was done my hair felt easy to the touch with the two licks I applied. This clay has the least sheen of the 3. A nice comfortable life having aura, not a straw strand stripper. You can feel the quality.

Styling Cream: Boasted as being a hair styling cream for fine or thinning hair. This cream is also lightly scented and well, creamy. Really easy to go in, I suggest having a bit more dry hair. I did however add an extra little lick down the middle as I was styling a simple slick back. Perfect for simple styles and textured finger combed. A dab sized application product for easy maintained looks.

Detox Bar Soap: A breath of fresh air. I am a fanatic of detox soaps. This one is top “notes” compared to some I have tried in the past. Desert Lime is a sensual, spicy fragrance that awakens the spirit. Basil, Lime, Thyme, Eucalyptus, Ginger, Vetiver. It’s just something simple that works. This natural body bar, blended from detoxifying mineral clay and a nourishing oat botanical, gently cleanses for an invigorating clean. The scent and feel after a cleansing is pure freshness.




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