Victory Crown Barber Co.

Victory Crown Barber Co. isn’t just for the man who cares about his hair; it’s for every guy who is looking for hair satisfaction.”

 A grooming company founded by @anthonythebarber916 Anthony at the moment has 144,000 followers on Instagram for one reason, dedication. He made a pomade many moons ago called MADCATS, and now that passion has resurfaced with Victory Crown Barber Co. Offering two types of hair products, a Slick and a Matte.

The matte lends itself to the unkept kept looks. Those got out of bed like this looks. This matte is a creamy dry product that is ideal for a natural style. It has a great texture to it and pleasing scent. Two small licks were good enough for a light pomp style. Leaving me a little bounce and movement. I was surprised at how smooth the pomade was and then how quick it went to work in my hair. I recommend adding this product to dry or barely damp hair.

For the refined look that one might fancy on occasion or the everyday keeper of style. It isn’t called slick for nothing, you can achieve the cleanest styles. Being a versatile product, add a tad more for the lay down or a dab for a blow-dried style. The heat and a touch can leave a very vibrant and natural look that is soft to the touch. Refine your strands with a touch of this product to give a minimal weight styling.

These products have a really nice and simple green apple scent like Reuzel’s medium oil base and Muk’s Filthy Muk. Both Victory Crown barber Co. products are completely water soluble hair products.

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