Voodoo Brew II, Squared Nape, Beard Oils
High life Pomade Voodoo brew II "This truly is for thick hair. The hold lasts all day long and is easy to shape my pomp. Not hard to scoop out of the can, and a little hard to break down, but it's what to expect with a heavy. Great build up on this and the nice vanilla scent isn't overbearing. No shine though which isn't a problem. I am most certainly picking another can up. A must try." -Chris L.
Square Outline On Finished Haircut
Did we all forget how we all started? With those fresh outlines that our barber or stylist would give us as a kid. I can barely remember when #fades and tapers became the norm. A good fact about a non-blended nape, is you or a trusted friend have guidelines to clean it up yourselves. Sometimes we can't get to the shop before every important event. A simple clean up can make a big difference. For all other #hair matters, visit your trusted barber S/O @jovanrfigueroa 
Mr. Pomade Beard Grooming Products
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