Woman Crush Wednesday, Parker Shave Brush, First Tattoos
A great shot of Marlena from gentlemanbarber_krakow in Poland, She's our woman crush Wednesday. Not only is she stunning but she can cut a good mop.
Parker Safety Razor Shave Brush
Shave in style. The Parker Tortoise Handle Shave Brush is a great lathering brush that has some bristles that will really work the shaving cream into your beard exfoliating the skin. That is what you want in a brush. It's stiff enough to feel it doing it's thing but it's not scratchy like some cheaper brushes from other off brand companies. Some thing you do not want to go cheap on and a shaving equipment is one of them. These items you buy are investments as these instruments will last a lifetime with proper care and love.
Black and white photograph of a young man with new tattoo
For those of you with, what was your first #tattoo? Tattoos are works of art and expression. Jack London said, “Show me a man with a tattoo and I'll show you a man with an interesting past.”



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