Zeus Firm Hold, Imperial Shave Barber Products, Pomps Not Dead
Zeus water-based strong holding pomade that you can style with the strength of an oil-based product. Re-shape and rework your hair with its all-day pliability and persistent hold. Control the sway and elevation of even the most stubborn hair types and lengths. A natural shine pomade with a verbena lime scent
Imperial Bergamot After Shave
For the clean shaven. Imperial shave soap to help lather that blade and Imperial bergamot aftershave with a nice bite. "Great smell, leaves the skin feeling nice and tight after a shave. Can't complain one bit." -Jacob M. Be sure to take a look at Imperial's other quality grooming products.
Pomps Not Dead For The Hare Firm Hold Pomade
A solid performing Oil-Based firm hold pomade home brewed in Houston Texas which is easy to scoop and even easier to style combined with a great hair-dressing comb that is sturdy and has both coarse and fine teeth.. The Pomps Not Dead Firm Hold Pomade is going for $14.00 and Mr. Pomade Large Dressing comb for $5.00. Get this combo at under $20.




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