Things that are considered cool come in waves. Clothing, transportation, sports and hair. One day baggy pants are cool in some circles but that gets replaced by tight jeans. Neon shirts were cool, then lame, and now cool again. Some people will probably argue that neon shirts have always been cool and have never been not cool. 

It seems like we only seem to like what our granddad's liked. Stuff our dad liked is usually considered boring. 

With all of this, we have seen hair styles come in go. I seem to think that slicked styles never lose their gentlemanly character. Unless you're some sort of greaseball that uses natural hair oils and motor oil residue you need pomade to make this happen.

Pomade gives you a look of sophistication in a clean way.

Oil based pomades are traditional and are tested tough. Water based pomades was recently invented by clever scientists that wanted the holding and shine power of an oil based pomade but that can easily wash out just like gel does with a simple shower. Guys that want this easy wash capability will not find it in an oil based pomade. Of course all this science comes with a higher price tag.

Mix and match pomades. Find what you like.

There is a special pomade that fits everyone's individual needs.

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