Im sorry for taking too long to release this #pomadereview, been busy with business and caught with fever this few days. Today we gonna look at another Local Pomade #RockersPomade Waterbase by @thebandyard. I've reviewed their oilbase before this, so let see how their waterbase performs. Packaging: exactly the same packaging with their oilbase i reviewed before, i would like to see a bit different for this waterbase so i can differentiate them both, but overall i still dig their packaging. 4/5 Texture & Scent: the texture is weird for me, very sticky gel that remind me of glue, tricky to scoop them initially, but i got use to it after a while. The scent is a very strong lime, like a fresh detergent or dish soap in my opinion. Weird isnt it? It fades once applied on hair. 3/5 Applying & styling : scooping it out and spread on palm easily. It felt very oily and sticky, unlike other 'orthodox' waterbase pomades. Applying on hair with no tug and pull even on dry hair. It style my hair like oilbase pomade, it doesnt dry and harden unless expose directly to the sun. The pomp i got is very rounded and have the bounciness that really impressed me. 5/5 Hold & Shine: the hold is between medium and light depend on the weather and heat. It can be restyle without water but the hold feel loose a bit once restyled. The shine it gives is pretty decent for a waterbase pomade, it is on the high side, doesnt fade to much at the end of the day. 4/5 Buildup & Washability: no buildups and wash off with just water. Just like other waterbase out there. 5/5 Overall 4.2/5 love how it performs like an oilbase, doesnt feel the dryness like other waterbase, but the scent is too strong and detergent-like and that is the only drawbacks i can find. I know @thebandyard can step their game up. Keep supporting local pomades. #pomadereview #pomadereviewer #pomadereviewersunite #vapemalayareview



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