Back again with another review! Today I look at another product from the Cool Grease line, Cool Grease XXX. This is a water based pomade out of Japan, and is available on 1.The jar is 3oz, though is also available in a larger, 7.4 oz container. The design has the whole “Big Bad Wolf” type of theme going on. Not necessarily my style, but I’m not so vain as to deny a product based on aesthetics alone. The twist top lid and hard plastic materials are identical to the others in this line. 2.The color of the goop is bright yellow, which looks good enough to eat! The scent is labeled as Pineapple, and I can definitely pick up the fruitiness, much like many other Cool Grease products. Another similarity is that the scent disappears once in the hair. Honestly I like these scents, and wouldn’t mind them hanging out with me all day! 3.Scooping is easy and reminiscent of the Red and Blue products, with a nice thick gel type of texture. It spreads into the hands nice and smooth and goes in the hair without tug or pull. I applied two scoops to damp hair and experienced zero stray hairs throughout the day. 4.The shine is quite impressive for a water based pomade, and lasted throughout the day. This seems to be a defining characteristic from Cool Grease. I would place the hold in the strong category, which makes the shine even more impressive. 5.After an entire day at work, I have found that my hair held in place without the need to restyle. The product settles in the hair without the brittle, dry helmet head feeling which is exactly what you would want from a WB! Just out of curiosity, I decided to go ahead and restyle without the aid from water. Surprisingly, there were no flakes! My hair retained its basic shape and hold. I really like this stuff! Conclusion: Cool Grease XXX is very reminiscent of the Blue and Red products from Cool Grease, which is a good thing. The hold is strong yet remains somewhat malleable, the scent is great while it lasts, and the shine is beautiful. Another great WB product from Cool Grease! Please visit for the whole line up! Thanks to @hedgelion for the free shipping! #pomade #pomadereview #coolgrease #hedgelion



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