Back again with another review! Today I look at another product from the Cool Grease line, Cool Grease Concrete. This is a water based pomade out of Japan, and is available on 1.The jar is designed with simple black and grey lettering and logo, which ties into the “Concrete” name. This container follows suit of the others in this line, with a twist top lid and a shiny hard plastic tub. 2. The product itself stays true to the theme, and is concrete grey in color. There is no scent, which as I have mentioned in other reviews, is a good thing to have on hand. I can use cologne without worrying about conflicting scents. 3.Scooping is pretty easy and not nearly as difficult as the name would suggest. This stuff feels more like a clay than a “Pomade”, but let’s not split hairs (pun intended). It spreads nice and smooth in the hands, and applied with minimal tug. This stuff reminds me of Cool Grease Z or Flat in terms of texture and dryness. I applied two scoops on towel dry hair, and experienced minimal stray hairs. 4.The shine is nonexistent, as this a matte product. If you haven’t ventured into the matte arena, I suggest you do so. Matte products from my experience tend to provide more texture and depth than your “traditional” pomade. Having fine hair myself, these characteristics can really change the way your hair is presented, and can create the illusion of a fuller head of hair. 5.After an entire day at work, I found that my hair did fall just a bit, and I had to restyle. I would place the hold in the medium heavy range. The product settles in the hair without hardening, which is surprising given the name. As always, I restyled without water. Once again, there were no flakes! Conclusion: Cool Grease Concrete is a great matte product! The name may be a bit misleading, as the hold is more of a medium heavy rather than a super heavy. The dry texture is a great change up from the greasy, oily product I tend to use. The product remains malleable, Please visit for the whole line up! Thanks @hedgelion!! #pomade #pomadereview #hair #coolgrease #dapper #concrete #hedgelion #sidepart #barber #pomadereviewersunite #contour



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