Tonight I have the pleasure of reviewing Shear Revival's Crystal Lake Water Based Pomade. 1. The name of this Pomade is a reference to Friday the 13th, and I love this theme. The clean, simplistic, artistry really sticks out to me. Less is more in some cases, and this is one of those instances. Huge kudos to the artist! 2.The ingredients are listed on the edge of the label, and they are equally impressive. Here is a snap shot of just a few of them. Meadow Foam Seed Oil: An antioxidant that locks in natural moisture to soften skin. Mango Butter: A natural moisturizer that helps to nourish the scalp and fortify hair from the inside. Aloe Vera: Conditions, reduces dandruff, and promotes hair growth.This Pomade is actually Good for your hair AND scalp. Bonus! 3. On to the scent, which is listed as Lemongrass and Mahogany. Having never smelled that combination before, I wasn't sure what to expect. I was quite amazed! I really dig this scent, its not too strong and has a nice clean softness to it. It may be hard to describe, but trust me, it smells good!! 4. The hold is right around medium, perhaps just a touch on the lighter side. This stuff actually doubles as a leave-in conditioner!! Your hair will feel so soft and healthy, it's amazing! The shine is moderate, and just looks beautiful. Honestly, I can't find a flaw. Perhaps in these Arizona summers this stuff won't hold up all day, but on my "off days" this will definitely be in my hair. It washes out easily and leaves your hair feeling nourished. Conclusion: Crystal Lake by Shear Revival is a must have for those looking for an alternate hair product that not only smells and looks great, it feels great too. The ingredients are top notch, as is the brewer :) Now go get some!! Thanks to @hedgelion for the fast and FREE shipping, and also to @shearrevival for being an amazing home brewer. Visit for this product and many more!! #pomade #hair #hairnerd #homebrew #sidepart #contour #shearrevival #hedgelion #dapper #waterbased #pomadereview #EverythingPomade #pomadereviewersunite



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