Today I look at another product from the Shear Revival line; Elm Street Pomade. This is a homebrewed light hold product out of New Jersey made by Zachary West. His products have made a big splash on the scene lately, and this one adds brilliantly to his repertoire. Let’s start off with the packaging. It’s beautiful. The smooth texture of this label gives a hint as to the smoothness inside, but more on that aspect later. Shear Revival has a great movie/ tv show theme going, from Breaking Bad and Friday the 13th, to now ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’. Freddy’s hat is the main image, with the name underneath. Simple and clean, it looks gorgeous. As always, the ingredients are listed on the side of the label. Speaking of, I really appreciate the unique approach to his formula. With Crystal Lake I discussed the use of hair nourishing ingredients and their benefits. With Elm Street, he manages to squeeze in Unrefined Shea Butter along with waxes, oils, and petroleum. He clearly could have skipped on the Shea Butter, but chose to intentionally use it for its natural conditioning properties. And that is quite admirable in my opinion. The scent is listed as Clean Oak and Citrus. What I pick up from it is a subtle, powder scent that smells smooth and refined. The strength of the scent is exactly as it should be; light and clean. You may catch a whiff at random, but it’s not constantly present. Scooping and application was a breeze, it is a light hold pomade after all. This stuff is creamy and soft, smooth and lovely. I applied two scoops to towel dried hair. Keep in mind that I do not have thick hair, so your mileage may vary. For me, two scoops was sufficient and held my hair in place. My hair has a nice shine to it without looking greasy. It’s a shame I hadn’t tried this pomade in the cooler months. It’s in the upper 90s here now, and a light pomade is prone to lose its hold in this kind of weather. I cannot wait to put this jar to some heavy use come this Fall. I highly recommend grabbing a jar over @hedgelion !! Thanks to @shearrevival for making another great product! #hedgelion #shearrevival #pomade #pomadereview #hair #dapper #review #sidepart #barber #grease



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