Whaddupp!! Ya i know, its been forever to get out with this #pomadereview. Laziness conquered myself lately. Anyway today we are going to look at #JadiocPomade by @the_jadioc. Here we go! Packaging: Jadioc come in a silver tin, filled with 100gram of gold coloured gel-like pomade. On the top, it have a sticker with classy design, printed on the sticker its name, The Jadioc Men Use. At the bottom is the direction and all the usual stuff. Classy design imho. Job well done. 4/5 Texture & Scent: The Jadioc have a gold and clear gel type texture, a very familiar and typical waterbased pomade like in the market. The texture is very thick and tacky. Reminds me of neat pomade. The honeydew scent however is very refreshing. Some wil like it, some will love it. But it doesnt last too long in my hair. 4/5 Applying & Styling: scooping it out doesnt take any effort, smeared and break down easily in my hands. It goes in smoothly in my damp hair with no tug and pull. Applying on dry hair however may have a significant tug and pull to it. Styling need to be fast, coz it dry up quite fast. That is expected from this kind of pomade. 4/5 Hold & Shine: my pomp is locked all day since it dries and harden up. I do notice some stray hair here and there, Jadioc unable to keep my side down. The shine however is very good. It give a nice shine and not to overpower. 3/5 Restyleability: wet comb is possible, but still my side keep popping out, so wet combing make the hold loose depending on how much water i used. 3/5 Overall 3.6/5. Workable pomade perform the same if not better than other orthodox wb, i wish it can stand out more in its slickness and restyleability, or maybe my new haircut unable to cooperate with #JadiocPomade. It is still a good local pomade worth to try. #JadiocPomade #vapemalayareview #pomadereview #pomadereviewer #pomadereviewersunite



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