After enjoying the Brusco Hold, I now try Don Bucho Original Pomade. This is listed as a medium to heavy hold, and as always, you can grab some at Hedgelion. 1.The plastic jar is green, and follows the same aesthetics throughout the entire line, with labeling on the front, back, and on top of the twist off lid. 2.This minty green pomade compliments the green jar perfectly. This color scheme makes perfect sense, as the scent is listed as Bay Rum/ Peppermint. As with the Brusco, the scent is subtle and enjoyable. The brewer has shown great restraint by not overpowering the scents. I smell a touch more Peppermint than I do Bay Rum. 3.Scooping in requires a touch of pressure, but quickly gives way to a creamy, smooth texture. I applied two scoops and did not experience any resistance. This stuff feels very soft in my hair, and was extremely easy to apply. I take note anytime I find a unique ingredient being used, and after reading the contents, I noticed Cocoa Butter listed. This natural emollient provides hair with extra conditioning, nourishment and shine. It can also promote healthier skin on the scalp along with many other benefits. I love seeing these products being incorporated into pomade, and you can certainly feel the difference. 4.The hold is more of a medium for me, especially compared to the Brusco Hold. It has adequate control, and remains slick and smooth. The shine is moderate without looking oily, perhaps thanks in part to the Babassu Oil used (also present in the Brusco Hold). My hair retained its shape throughout the day. 5. As with the Brusco Hold, I tested the buildup for a few days. Though not as waxy as the Brusco, the Original did provide a bit of a wax base to work with. I used one and a half scoops on day two, and that was sufficient. RECAP: Don Bucho Original Pomade is an impressive medium holding pomade. The scent is warm and refined, the shine is beautiful w/o looking glossy, and the ease of application make this a well rounded product. Thanks @hedgelion & @donbuchopomade #pomade #hairnerd #hair #homebrew #pomadereview #sidepart #barber #dapper
pomade review by @oldschooldave81



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