Hello, guys and gals. This week we are going to go light, @rustinpomade light hold to be exact. Now going into this pomade I knew what I was in store for so let's just jump right into it shall we. - This hunters green pomade comes in a 4oz gold tin with a gold pop off top and a label on top. The white rustin fine Grooming aid logo is in the center and the signature rustin ribbon with the words light hold, indicating the hold, is below that. Just like the other the ingredients are on the bottom of the pomade and where it's made is on the top. The logos green with white outlines look great on the gold tin. -Popping off the tin I instantly smelled it's scent, which reminded me alot of mixture of incents. The scent is pretty strong and very long lasting, lasting even after I took a shower. -Scooping out this pomade took no effect at all do to its soft oily petroleum texture, basically butter in a tin. Application was just as easy with it having no tug and pull when applying. I had to put a little extra links in my hair so I can feel it in my hair. Styling, what style I could get, didn't take long at all. - Now I already knew how my hair was going to work with this light pomade due to the fact that my hair does not work well with them at all. The hold was light, absolutely, I was able to comb my hair back and get a noticeable side part but it just kept my hair looking loose. Stray hairs were present but as I stayed my hair does not work well with lights. What I did love is using this pomade as a topper due to its scent and high long-lasting shine. -Over all I loved this pomade for its scent and shine and on those grounds I would recommend it. Now if you know your hair does not do well with lights I say pass unless you want it as a topper for the shine and scent like I did. You can find more info on this pomade at www.thepomaderev.com or just click on the link on my bio.



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