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Today I'm gonna review Firm Hold Waterbased Legacy Pomade. Packaging: The packaging was nice. It came with 80g twisted top plastic tub. The design on the top is awesome. At the side, it show direction, ingredient and contact info. Texture & Scent: This water based pomade texture is creamy. Not like gel pomade. The scent get five star from me. Even when I wash out from my hair, the scent is still there. And of course your girl gonna love to smell your hair. Applying & Styling: Scooping it out is easy. I use two scoop to get the result like in this picture. Styling is a little bit hard for me because I can't style my hair the way I want it. Hold & Shine: The hold is decent. The pomade really surprised me by getting the job done with my curly hair. The shine is awesome. It make my hair look more healthier. Overall: I don't believe I'm gonna say this but YES you can use this pomade for your straight, wavy & curly hair. #abangpomade #thejadioc #hairrepublic #legacypomade #caripomade #malaysiapomade #pomademalaysia #pomadereview #pomadereviewer #curly #pomade #lokalah
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