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Today I look at Don Bucho Pomade Brillantina, the last in this three part lineup. This is listed as a light to medium hold and is available at Hedgelion. 1.The plastic jar is deep blue this time, with bright red on the front, back, and on top of the twist off lid. The pomade itself has a vibrant teal color to it, and is very tropical looking. As with the rest of the lineup, the brewer made conscience decisions in pairing color schemes with the scents, creating cohesion in the lineup. 2.Speaking of scents, Brillantina is listed as Pineapple/ Cilantro, a very unique blend that I immediately fell in love with! You immediately smell fresh pineapple, with a hint of cilantro in the background. I appreciate the more unique scents, and this one fits the bill. I LOVE it. Fresh and lively, this scent is sure to brighten your day. It makes me wish I were on a tropical beach somewhere!! 3.Scooping Brillantina is effortless, especially past the top layer. Again, the creamy texture spreads onto the palms and into the hair without any resistance. This feels exactly as it is listed; a light/medium. I applied two scoops and was out the door within a few minutes. Application could not be any easier. My hair has a beautiful shine that lasted all day long. 4. The hold is indeed a light medium, and provides just enough hold to keep my hair in place. I love how weightless my hair feels, and that its not super greasy ! This will be one of my go to products in the cooler months for sure. It also washes out relatively easy ! RECAP: Don Bucho Pomade is new to the U.S. scene, but is quickly gaining traction. The brilliant use of wax and oils makes this brand unique in their own right, and I recommend all three in the lineup!! Thanks @hedgelion and @donbuchopomade !!! #pomade #hairnerd #hair #hedgelion #pomadereview #EverythingPomade #classic #dapper #sidepart #barber
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