Good day for #pomadereview ! today we will be looking at @the_jadioc #HairClay. Bare in mind this is not a pomade, so the approach is a bit different from other review i had done. From now on, no more points will be given coz it seems pointless to gave out numbers, instead we just look at overall look based on my experience using a product. Lets get into it. Packaging: This Hairclay have a good look to its packaging. Round aluminium 100gram jar with silver twisted top. Classy design all around it, including ingredients and directions. Texture & Scent: the colour of the clay is light grey-ish like a cement. The scent is mild and not overpowering perfume reminds me of saloon product. It didnt last long once applied. Application & Styling: Its easy to scoop out, and spread like a cream in hand. Applying it in my hair is moderately easy, but i need to be fast because it dries up very quick. It can style a pomp as u can see in the picture, but i usually style it just using hands to get a loose pomp or any messy style. Hold & Shine: it dont have a very good hold eventhough it dries up in my hair. My hair comes apart throughout the day but in a good way. Since it is a hairclay, that would be expected, the purpose of it is to give volume to your hair, unlike pomade that give you slickness, and hold. No shine, your hair will be matte-look. Rinseability: it wash out easy with one shower. Restyleability: the hardening and drying made this difficult to restyle, if put a bit of water, it will be easier but i will lose some hold from it. Overall: it is a good product but not the best tho, I recommended it to those guy that want a messy hair style with volume. You may get it from @VapeMalaya. Follow @the_jadioc today too #vapemalayareview #pomadereview #pomadereviewer #pomadereviewersunite #vmpomadereview
pomade review by @vapemalaya



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