So here's a brief little review on @shinergoldpomade let's start with the container first. It comes in this 4oz metal tin with the shiner logo printed on top. The bottom side has some helpful info including instructions for best results. Upon unscrewing the lid we find a (surprise) golden colored gelatin looking substance. I can't really put into words what the scent is but it smells wonderful. I'd say almost a hint of maybe lemon. Styling was actually a breeze. I used a finger scoop and worked it into my palms. It's very sticky as you may expect but it works in very very easily. It coated my hair uniformly and even. I was surprised it didn't leave my hands feels sticky or oily. Combing it though was a breeze I used my Kent fine tooth comb. It slicks down very nicely no crazy strands of hair defiantly sticking up anywhere. I was able to almost effortlessly form my pomp within about 5-10 mins my hair was completely styled. Overall I'd say this is a brand I'd gladly buy more product from. If I had to rate this i would have to say 9 out of 10. I recommend this for anyone who has thick unruly hair like mine. Wax and oil based don't seem to work for me but water based is where it's at. #pomades #pomadereview #shinergold #kentcombs #pomp #gentlemanstatus #dapper
pomade review by @hello_im_m_a_r_k



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