American Pomade was started (in 2010) because we couldn't find what we were looking for. There are some great pomades on the market ... but we found them either too slick or too stiff. Also, we wanted a product free of colors, perfumes and chemicals. We wanted something traditional, definitely not water based ... We wanted real grease, real pomade ... So we broke it down ... We experimented and came up with something simple and cool. American Pomade is made with minimal ingredients: Petroleum jelly & beeswax ... some coconut oil and a couple drops of essential oil for a clean, mild scent. It's hair grease, man ... if you want to smell like perfume or flowers ... Borrow something from your girlfriend. Our beeswax comes from Northern California farmers. No colors, no perfume, no chemicals ... no freaky shit. Ol' School greaser style. Every can is hand mixed and hand poured. No machines ... it takes more time ... but what the hell. Four ingredients. American Pomade is true. Stay true.