Anchors Hair Company is a care concept, handmade hair product line, brought to light for the greater idea of humanity. We were all meant to achieve the ultimate purpose of our lives and live at our full potential. This starts with true confidence and the feeling of self worth.Anchors Hair Company is the beginning of a new trend. Handmade hair products, made with love, passion and humility. Though their mission is providing the world’s best handmade hair products at lower costs than their corporate competitors, Anchors leads with their hearts… Not their pockets… As a man who has always had a creative eye for hair and a passionate heart for people, Benjamin David, owner of Anchors Hair Company, vows to work alongside specific organizations to encourage the less fortunate youth with the power of confidence and personal care. When the spirit is lifted, a will to endeavor perseveres and talent has a chance to shine and enfold. Every great concept has a beginning, Anchors started by inspiring greatness via great handmade hair pomades, waxes and other handmade hair products. Benjamin developed an amazing water-based pomade that all his friends loved and so there it was, his beginning to Anchor’s open chapter. This evolves into a plan to make amazing handmade hair products at an affordable price. Through these products he would promote cleanliness and inspiration to people in less fortunate positions.

Anchors Hair Company believes that Looking great + Giving back = You become the all around perfect human being!