In 2010, we were a struggling couple making ends meet with two minimum wage jobs.  I then found out I was pregnant with our first child.  No later did we find out, I was laid off of my job.  All the while my father was in the hospital, passing away a few days later.  Struggling to cope with all the emotions of a pregnancy and the hand I was dealt at this time in life, I decided to make homemade candles to bring in some income to help support my little growing family.  Candles were not bringing in as much income as expected so I decided to try my hand at adding some bath and body products.  Nothing seemed to be catching on and I could not find my niche.

At the time, Ian was in the process of growing out a beard and noticed he was having issues with itchy and dry skin under his beard, so we decided to try making a beard conditioner to help his issues.  He enjoyed it so much he decided to add it to my little candle shop to see if it would sell.  Little did we know, it blew up!  People seemed to really enjoy the oils so we decided to add a few more scents to the shop.  Soon we realized the beard oils were selling far more than the candles so I decided to retire my candle company and open a men's beard oil company which was renamed Beardology.  And that pretty much takes us to today...Beardology started in May 2013 and has blossomed into a full time career for the both of us!  We couldn't be more proud of how our little company has grown and we hope to continue to make it grow with your support!