Hey guys, today I’m reviewing a pretty popular pomade among us ATPers, Bees Knees Pomade. I’ve been wanting to try this stuff out for a long time! I will be following this up with two more Bees Knees reviews. Drew from Bees Knees sent me 2 samples of scents he’s thinking about doing for the next installment of the Bees Knees line. He’s been asking people’s opinions on scents and gave me one of each to review. Can’t wait to try em!

So this pomade comes in a very familiar tin. It’s a shallow 4oz tin, with a label on the lid and a label on the bottom. However these labels are weather-proof and made out of vinyl I think. Nice change up! Plus they’re very shiny and the colors are really vibrant.

Bees Knees Pomade Original Top Label

The top label is a badass bee with a pomp and a sailors hat holding a straight razor, a comb, scissors and clippers in his four hands. Underneath him it says “Bees Knees Pomade” and there’s a rope around the outer edge of the label. The background color is a nice bright royal blue. It’s very reminiscent of the WWII military logo “Seabees Can Do!”

Bees Knees Logo

The bottom label has Drew’s blurb about Bees Knees, why he created it, and how he created it. It also has the ingredients and the website on it. It’s a simple white label with black writing.

Bees Knees Pomade Original Bottom Label

Opening the can up you see a nice golden yellow colored pomade, like honey or beeswax. I don’t think that was any accident. The smell of this pomade is frickin’ awesome!! It smells of fresh peppermint, eucalyptus and a little bit of honey. Three of my favorite smells!

Bees Knees Pomade Original Open Can

Scooping this stuff out was harder than most pomades, but not the hardest stuff I’ve come across. Now this pomade is an all natural pomade. It doesn’t have ANY petrolatum in it. That ingredient is a main staple in almost every pomade out there. But Drew wanted to make something that didn’t have petrolatum in it. He kinda founded the all natural market. A few other guys are starting to make all natural/petro free pomades nowadays. It was a little sticky, but not bad at all. Now a lot of people complain about the stickiness of this stuff but it really isn’t bad at all.

Bees Knees Pomade Original Pomade

It wasn’t hard to put it in my hair either. I think its easier to get in than Murray’s Superior. Combing it in was pretty similar to Murray’s but easier to work through all of my hair. It was also easy to wash off my hands. Just a little hand soap then a rinse and it was all gone.

Bees Knees Pomade Original Pomp Left Side

Bees Knees Pomade Original Pomp Right Side

I was able to get some nice height with this stuff!! It made my hair stand at attention! I played around with a few different combings. I tried a slick back, worked great. Went for a low profile pomp, good as well. Nice bulbous pomp, yup works. And finally tall sharp pomp, you guessed it, works great! I decided to stay with the sharp pomp.

I wore it all day on Sunday and was “out n about” running errands, doing shopping and eating. This stuff held up great all day and all night. I only had to re-comb it once when my niece came to give me a hug and pushed my pomp down. She loves to mess up my hair and watch me pull out my pocket comb and re-comb my pomp. I don’t know why, but she thinks it’s funny. It only softened up a little when I was out in the sun for a while, but didn’t soften up so much that my pomp fell down.

Bees Knees Pomade Original Pomp

I gotta say I really love this pomade! It is definitely made it in my top ten pomades!! You can find it on Pomade.com