Byrd Hairdo Products hatched in 2012 when professional surfer and Newport Beach, Calif. native Chase "Big Bird" Wilson set out to look slick. Inspired by the legend of his great grandfather's hair tonic and barbershop at the storied Metropole Hotel in Fargo, North Dakota, Wilson began his quest to create a modern-day pomade.

Designed for the gentleman surfer, Byrd Products harken back to an era when grooming was an essential part of one's daily routine. Byrd's Classic Pomade was not designed in a cubicle nor tested in a factory; it was simpy inspired by a man's on-the-go lifestyle with a not to classic '60s surf culture. In fact, the first batch of Byrd's Original Formula was created just steps from the iconic surf break at Echo Beach where sun, salt and sand make for some of world's best hair.

Tried and tested by members of the Byrd Flock, every Byrd creation is guarenteed to deliver an effortless style that leaves the women flocking.