"...Smooth And Easy" -By James Bui

The Pomp - Hair styled with Byrd Hair Pomade

So, prior to this review, I’ve heard of Byrd Hair Pomade a few times but never anything elaborate or detailed. It was the product’s well-designed website and aesthetic packaging presentation that really caught my eye — plus, it’s made in California. 

As for its performance, I had no idea what to expect. It’s a new company with one product, not including their also well-designed t-shirt which I want. But surprisingly, it would turn out to be an effing great product that’s definitely joined my core group of choice products.

Byrd Hair Pomade

As you can clearly see, the pomade comes in a beautifully designed can. It’s a small one weighing in at 1 ounce. However, if it’s any consolation, I found myself not using much pomade at all to successfully style my hair.  The brand uses a high-contrast (black and yellow) color scheme and their Byrd character is pretty fucking slick.

Byrd Hair Pomade Uncapped

You may also see in the above photo that the marks in the pomade look pretty smooth. No like abrupt breaking or shearing marks, which is a sign that this is a pretty slick product. 

Plus, its aroma borders between fresh laundry and a very light cologne. It’s effing good stuff.


I’m sure there are some of you out there who don’t care about how difficult a product is to apply. But that’s just ignorance. How else can you really enjoy it when a brewer is truly gifted at his craft?

Byrd Hair Pomade is really easy to scoop out. It has a really nice consistency that resembles something like Lockhart’s Goon Grease or any light weight oil-based pomade. You can definitely feel the waxiness of the product; however, it’s a presence that does not detrimentally affect the consistency.

Getting into the hair is no different — smooth and easy. As you guys already know, I have very fine hair…so I really start bitching if the product is too thick and brutal. Application with my hands and comb was an enjoyable experience with this product.


Time. The product’s malleability along with it strength due to the wax content made it quick to style. Slightly above average in terms of overall time to style. 

Slickness. Just look at my effing hair. JUST LOOK AT IT. It’s effing beautiful. The product is slick as fuhhh…just look about the overall shape of my pompadour. I got some nice shine going on. No stray hairs. Sides tucked away and a round pomp.

Strength. It was a medium-weight which was around the same strength level as Grandad’s Old-Fashioned. The product held my hair through the entire day…yet, it never felt too greasy. Love it.

The Pomp - Hair styled with Byrd Hair Pomade - Top View

The Pomp - Hair Styled with Byrd Hair Pomade - Back View


The pictures should speak for themselves, but to reiterate into a written language. This product is effing great and I love it. It’s my new medium-weight of choice.

The product feels light in my hair but styles as a pomade should. It’s doesn’t wash out completely in the shower (of course) but honestly, it does well in this category compared to other pomades. A significant percentage of the product does come out after the shower.

Either way. Byrd Hair Pomade gets my approval for sure.

-James Bui A.K.A. The Pomp