Hey fellas, enough with the new pomades. Today I’m using a “tried and true” favorite of mine, DAX High & Tight awesome hold. After talking with Don about which one I should review next, because they have so many and I love so many of them and couldn’t decide which, he recommended High & Tight. So that’s what I’m reviewing, plus it’s probably my second or third favorite from The DAX product line! Let’s get greasin’!!

DAX High and Tight Awesome Hold can

Now you can’t see the can, I know, so I’ll just have to do my best to describe it to you. It’s a desert-style camo background; tan, light brown, and dark brown with grey specks. It has white and red writing on it. The lid and front of the can have “High & Tight” in military style lettering in white. Then “awesome hold” in red, and “hair dress” in the white military letters again. On the lid below that it say “bring your hair to attention and attention to your hair.” On the back of the can is the directions in three languages and a blurb about the benefits of the ingredients in it. The bottom of the tin has the barcode, the ingredient list, and the company info. Pretty cool looking tin, and it blends in super well. In all seriousness, I love camo, so the High & Tight tins are some of my favorites in my whole collection!

DAX High and Tight Awesome Hold open can

Opening the tin up you get blasted in the face, in a great way, with one of the best smells from a pomade ever! It’s a nice manly scent right up front, kind of like a barbershop mixed with an expensive cologne. In the middle is a slight floral note, and it finishes with a nice sweet smell, like powdered sugar. Some people don’t like the smell and I have absolutely no idea why. It’s definitely in my top favorite smells of all my pomades. The pomade itself is a dark tan pomade, with a bit of a shiny surface. It kind of looks like their Wave and Groom or Murray’s superior, just more greasy looking.

DAX High and Tight Awesome Hold Hair Dress

The texture of it when you scoop it out is like a slightly softer Green and Gold. It has a decent pull off to it, soft scoop, but maintains it’s medium-firm feel. It also kind of reminds me of Nu Nile a little bit too. Now once you scoop it out, you really get a nice whiff of the scent. And it’s even better smelling out of the tin! I can’t express enough how great this pomade smells!! When you break it down in your palms it takes on a nice thick, smooth and greasy feel to it. Feels a bit like mixing Green and Gold with Electric Grease in your hands. I love pomades that have textures like this. However, the texture kind of deceives you, I’ll show you why in a little bit.

It goes into your hair fairly easily. Like putting in a medium pomade. Some decent resistance, but you’re able to spread it around all throughout your hair with just your hands. It doesn’t stick on top like some medium pomades do, and it isn’t overly greasy either. Combing it is also very easy, it does maintain it’s resistance while combing. You can tell it’s going to have a decent amount of hold when you comb it. Another great thing when you comb it is the way the scent kind of aerates and fills up your bathroom.

DAX High and Tight Awesome Hold

Now I said the texture kind of deceives you. It doesn’t feel like it will hold much by it’s feel, but I can do a Mohawk with this stuff, as you can see. You can also get a super tall pomp going with it. I decided to stick with a nice medium pomp for the day though. I very rarely rock a tall pomp, and my Mohawk days are long gone. Haven’t had one in about 7 years. Anyway, this stuff has a lot of hold to it, hence the name. It also has quite a bit of shine to it as well. I love it when pomades hold great and have shine to them, which is one reason I love this stuff so much. And it holds all day long. My hair didn’t move hardly at all, mostly just the back because it’s too long and getting unruly. The sides and front stayed perfectly all day though. The scent lasts all day too, but it’s not overwhelming at all. It’s perfect!

DAX High and Tight Awesome Hold Pomp

Can’t say enough good things about the buildup of this stuff either!! You don’t have to hardly add any to your hair. I had to add a bit to the back and sides because it came off while I slept. However even with that I only needed 1/2 a fingers worth. And it holds even better the more you use it, not that you need it, but you get it. I didn’t notice any significant change in the shine though, it pretty much stayed the same each day. Same thing with the scent, it never gets to be too much. It dissipates at the end of each day and you start fresh the next day. I always get compliments on my hair when I wear this stuff, both on look and smell. The ladies LOVE the smell of this stuff.

I can’t recommend DAX High and Tight pomade enough. It is a must for every pomade user. You have to buy a tin, or three, of this stuff. Yet another winner from DAX! Although I have been using it for a while I have to give it to you guys straight. Pomades don’t get much better than this stuff. What else would you expect from the DAX family? They make great stuff, I still haven’t tried a product I didn’t like from them.

Keep it greasy guys,