Well ladies and gentleman, today I am going for some Dr. Rubin’s. I am using their Medium Hold today. I’m going a little outside my norm, but I don’t have their light hold pomade to try out first. I contacted the good Dr. about getting some samples from him and he did one better. He sent me a full-size tin, 3 stickers, some coupons and a hand written note. Pretty unique and it made things very personal, it was a very nice touch!

Dr. Rubins Original Pomade top label

Now this one comes in a brass colored tin. Pretty different from your standard stainless or plastic and a very nice change up. It has a yellow lid label with a red medical style cross on it. Inside the cross it says “Dr. Rubin’s finest holds” and “pomade” below the cross. The side label has a picture of a scientist with a microscope and it reads “100% Always Natural. No additives, preservatives, or artificial anything.” Both the top and side label have “Based upon a formula created in 1944. Handcrafted in Alhambra, CA” on them. The bottom and side label list their ingredients and location.

Dr. Rubins Original Pomade side label

Opening the tin up you see a nice white colored pomade and in the lid you see yet another little label, making 4 total. It’s got their name and the products they carry with their website and email. The pomade looks like a nice mix of wax and petrolatum, kind of creamy looking pomade. It doesn’t have any gloss so I don’t think it will have much shine in my hair. Now the smell is just heavenly! It consists of sweet French vanilla and flowers.

Dr. Rubins Original Pomade open can

Scooping this stuff out was really nice. It had some resistance to it but not too much. It also has a soft, velvety, creamy texture to it. Makes me curious to how it’s going to act in my hair. But I love the texture, it’s a nice medium weight pomade.

Dr. Rubins Original Pomade

Putting it in my hair was harder than I thought it was going to be. It didn’t go on difficult, but it was harder than I expected to comb through my hair. Now it’s not bad or difficult to comb through I just thought it was going to go in easier based on its texture.

Dr. Rubins Original Pomade Pomp

This stuff gave me some decent, medium height to my hair. It’s not as high as I think I could’ve gotten, but I didn’t try to go high with this stuff. It holds the hairs together really nicely more so like a light pomade does. Now I noticed something really awesome with this pomade, the sheen to this stuff is very high! Totally unexpected from the matte look it had in the tin, but damn this stuff is shiny!

Dr. Rubins Original Pomade Pomp

This may be one of the shiniest pomades I’ve come across so far in my journey. I really, really love the shine this stuff brings to my hair! I usually wait a few days to do a review of a pomade, but I love this stuff so much that I’m posting it today. Yeah, for me, it’s that good! Many thanks to the good Dr. for sending me a large tin of this stuff.

On the whole, I strongly recommend you grabbing a tin of this pomade! It’ll work for the guys looking for hold, the guys looking for shine and everyone in between. It’s something I plan to use multiple times in the future. Plus the tin is pretty cool looking and makes a nice addition to any collection.

Stay fresh fellas