Water Based Pomade On Opposite Day

Formula X Pomade Review

I’m very to excited to bring you guys this one (and its counterpart). Mr Pomade rush this over to me and pulled a few strings to make this review possible for you all.

Allow me to present to you, Formula X. I do not know who the real maker is or when it will be release. But what I do know is that these are the tester/samplers (Formula X + Y). The makers have been working hard formulated these products, and want to make a HUGE bang in the market when they release…so, they’re cautiously testing out trying to perfect their product.

And yes, there is something new here. Another water-based product that does not dry…but this one…does it differently.

As a tester (this is NOT how the final product will look according to my sources), there is not much to see in its presentation. It is a simple, white, plastic jar that has nothing more than a label of designation.

The scent of the product is a smooth and light lavender. Pleasing fosho.

Pomade Formula X Review Application

Now pay attention. This is the interesting part.

This stuff applies like a heavy water-based. Uncomfortable for me (to be honest) BUT this provides it with the potential to possibly tame curly/wavy/unruly hair. When you use it, the product provides immediate and tough hold like Slick Devil. After some time, it eases out and becomes very malleable. It doesn’t melt…it…like…undries. Very strange. And it remains this way once it happens. The product then becomes extremely easy to work with and has the consistency of something like Anchors Teddy Boy Matte.
The downside is that this strength that may provide YOU guys (with thick, unruly hair) control…that makes it difficult for me to style a natural pomp. For me, I have to wait a lil longer for the product to soften up before I can really style my pompadour.

Time. There’s an additional amount of time needed by me for the reason I mentioned before. However, once the product softens up, it’s game on. Easy to style like any other product.
Slickness. Because it softens up, the slickness is a small step up from the average water-based pomade. Shine isn’t really much greater. However, stray hairs are kept to a minimum, and splits are kept to a relative minimum as well.
Strength. The hold is a midway between Suavecito Original and Firme…like a halfway point between a medium and heavy hold pomade.

Sidepart Styled With Pomade Formula X

Pompadour Styled With Pomade Formula X


I haven’t awarded this in a long time, but here it goes. Formula X received my seal of approval. It is not revolutionary in that it doesn’t dry…but it is in the way it does so. This product applies like a strong water-based pomade, but softens up without ever drying as you’d expect.

-James Bui A.K.A. The Pomp