Alright here’s the conclusion to the Grant’s Golden Brand line, their original pomade. I’m kind of excited to see how this one works for me. I really enjoyed their Medium Blend, and the Matte Dressing was pretty nice as well.

Grant's Golden Brand Pomade top label

Just like their others it comes in the same tin, metal tin with screw top lid. Unlike their others, this one doesn’t have a sticker. The ink is printed right on the tin. It’s a very simplistic design too, just black ink on a silver tin. In the very center is their name and design, above it it says ” ‘Style is Everything’ .” The background behind the name is a black starburst style background with concentric starbursts. At the very bottom is says “Made in U.S.A.” and this one didn’t have the little highway sign like the others did.

Grant's Golden Brand Pomade bottom label

Flipping the tin over you get a nice surprise, a sticker label instead of tin print for the bottom label. This one, just like the others, has their name at the top followed by a blurb about the product. Unlike the others, this one doesn’t have any rings around the edge. Under the blurb is their instructions and then the ingredients list. At the bottom is the barcode, company info and website again.

Grant's Golden Brand Pomade open can

When you unscrew the lid of this one, you’re immediately met with a strong scent. Now the tin says it has an almond scent, and it kind of smells like an artificial almond scent. My lady doesn’t think so at all though, and neither did my roommate. It also has a slight floral hint to the scent. The color of this one looks kind of like slightly watered down apple juice.

Gran'ts Golden Brand Pomade

Now this one felt like a strong water based when I dug some out of the can. However, it didn’t feel like most water bases out there it was more gummy than bouncy. It scooped out really nicely though, my finger just glided through it. You can see it has more of a smooth surface to the stuff I scooped out rather than flat or jagged, like most water based pomades do.

When I spread it around in my palms I was reminded of Lone Star Pomade. It broke up and felt almost exactly like their classic does. A lot like a waxy pomade meets a water based pomade meets rubber cement/PVC glue. And the scent exploded when I broke it up in my hands!

Applying it was a lot like applying Layrite Deluxe. It went in smoothly and felt similar to a regular wax. I noticed that this one looked really shiny when I applied it with my hands. Hopefully it will stay nice and shiny after I finish combing it.

JC hillhouse hair styled with Grant's Golden Brand Pomade - top view

When I combed it around it didn’t feel like a wax, it was actually easier for me to comb this one around than their medium was. It really makes me wonder if this one is going to hold as well or not. But there have been many times I was surprised by pomades so we’ll see how it does. Now this one was a little harder to work around and get it to coat my hair evenly. With the medium it was done in a few combings, this one took about twice as long. Which wasn’t very long, it just wasn’t as quick as the medium was.

When I formed my pomp it started to show its hold. It’s definitely more of a hold than the medium. However, I didn’t get as much height as the medium, but my hair stayed in place a lot better. I did try to get more height, but it kept wanting to tilt back toward the center of my head and I didn’t want to look like a cone head. My hairs were kept in place better than the medium though. And on another good note, this one has some sheen to it!

JC Hillhouse hair styled with Grant's Golden Brand Pomade - right side

On the second day I was able to get a little more height with this stuff. It was about the same height as with the medium this time. One really cool thing about this one is you can smell the pomade all day long. And I got a lot of compliments on the smell of my hair with this in it. And not one hair was out of place at the end of the day, and it was a long day! This one does harden like most water bases do instead of gumming up. Like most water bases the more hold the more it hardens. Also the more wet your hair is the more it will harden.

And just like their other products, it washes out of your hair with just water. On the first day, my hair felt really coarse and dry, bummer. On the second day, my hair felt kind of average, not too bad. But on the third day, my hair felt kind of soft, cool! It’s weird how it progressed and made my hair softer over the course of using it, but nice that it didn’t leave it coarse the whole time.

So after using Grant's Golden Brand Pomade for a few days I have say I like it. Not quite as much as their medium, but better than some other water bases out there. If you guys are into water based pomades with a good hold and great scent you gotta get some of this stuff. I also noticed this one goes pretty far, you don’t need quite as much as others to get your hair where you want it. See ya soon guys!