At Hairbond, our philosophy is as true today as the day it was founded. Designed in a professional hair salon for professional hairstylists, Hairbond is about innovation, expression and progression. We designed Hairbond to not only be the best, but to push the boundaries of creativity within the industry.

The Hairbond brand has been developed to answer the call of this dynamic industry for a stylish, distinctive and fashionable set of premium products that are created intelligently with precise ingenuity. We strive to be best at what we do and continue to utilise cutting edge technology, ideas and formulations to bring you the best products for salon shelves and bathroom cabinets alike. We understand that haircare is a lifestyle essential and this belief goes into every aspect of designing and developing our products. We want you to be free to express yourselves with the finest quality on the market, and that is what we deliver.

Hairstyling expert Scott Michaels had been working as a professional hairdresser and running his own salon for fifteen years before becoming dissatisfied by the range of poor quality, lacklustre and substandard brands he was working with every day. Scott set out to create Hairbond as a response to this and believed in creating the finest quality products with a fashionable, professional and stylish brand image. Since its creation in Scott’s Lancaster based salon, Hairbond has grown into a global brand with award winning and innovative products. There has been a cult following from the very beginning with celebrities and sports stars alike quick to give their stamp of approval to their new favourite haircare brand. Hairbond is now trading all over the world and we continue to progress our mission to put the best of British haircare on the map as a global product. We want people the world over to be using the best products, expressing themselves and creating innovative styles that is at the heart of Hairbond’s philosophy.