Laboratoire Ariland, Known at the beginning in the import-export sector of small professional equipment for hairdressers, Laboratoire Ariland is since specialized in manufacturing professional hair styling products. Our most successful goods are our styling waxes and fixing gels. Created in 1989, Laboratoire Ariland is the first French manufacturer to relaunch on the French market the styling wax, a big challenge. Today it is one of the main sales of the company. Facing a  restructuring market, Laboratoire Ariland decided to position on this competitive segment with two other successful products : the fixing gel and the semi-permanent hair color. In 1997, the company decided to focus its efforts by promoting their brand. Hairgum became the main brand for the company’s development. Positioning ourselves in the segment of professional hair cosmetics, with a young target and a strong marketing strategy, Hairgum innovates launching often new products on the market.

Quality products made in france. Created and formulated by our Marketing and Research & Development teams, Hairgum products are made and packaged in our laboratory before they’re shipped to France and abroad. All the products that leave our warehouse have been imagined, created, designed, manufactured and packaged on-site, in France. Our Research & Development department is fully integrated into our company, which gives us a lot of flexibility and reactivity – two essential qualities today: we are maximizing the time between the idea and the realization