From the time Adam was 2 years old it was evident he had artistic talent and a vivid imagination. He loved to draw, color, cut, or glue anything he could. He was not content to sit in front of a television or play video games. If weather permitted he was usually outside. Skateboarding was a passion in which he excelled at until he got his driver’s license. At this time he was primarily working at his Dad’s well-known Northern California Hot Rod Shop. He became fascinated with painting and pin striping cars. After the discovery of his Great Uncle’s tattoo equipment and history, his interest in tattoos began. He began hanging out at Tattoo shops and learning whatever he could. He was then able to begin learning the craft at Santa Rosa tattoo in Santa Rosa, California. His apprenticeship was based on traditional ethics. He spent most of his time running errands, cleaning the shop, and doing whatever it took to make ends meet. His determination to learn the business was his drive. Among others, Charlie”Cha” Reinhorn and Henry Goldfield have been the most influential and responsible for Adam’s up bringing in the business. Their friendship became stronger through the years of his apprenticeship. When Charlie passed away Adam suffered a deep loss and is determined to uphold Charlie’s standards in the Tattoo industry. Charlie will always be respected and remain in the hearts of his friends and family. Charlie and others encouraged Adam to pursue his passion to produce his own Pomade. To avoid going to the General Store, Adam struggled for the next few years to develop good quality hairdressing. His efforts have paid off with his own brand, High Life Pomade. Since then Adam has made his way to Arizona and is currently tattooing and traveling. He continues to work with some of his closet friends on their vintage hot rods and sleds. Carrying on the tradition of the old. Adam built up this brand and created great products. With so much going on with his Barbershop/Tattoo shop, and all his travels doing tattoo at conventions and shops around the world, something had to give. He decided to look for someone that could make the brand grow and posted that it was for sale on his website. DAX heard about the opportunity and jumped on it. Dax purchased the brand on 4/26/13. Now, Adam gets to enjoy watching his baby grow into what he always wanted it to be.