Hello gents! I’m at the last product my friend Edgar sent me to review. I’d like to thank him once again and let him know I look forward to reviewing more products for him, if he wishes me to. This one is an aftershave made by Imperial Barber Products, Bergamont Aftershave. I’ve heard some mixed opinions about this stuff so I’m interested to try it out.

Imperial Bergamot After Shave

It comes in a clear plastic bottle with a white lid and one label on it. Very simple labeling too. Just a white rectangle label with basic lettering. Kind of looks like something you’d see in a lab or pharmacy from yesteryear. I really dig it a lot. It has a kind of scientific aesthetic to it. Clean, simple, and to the point with a nice look.

Imperial Bergamot Aftershave Top

And guess what?! This one has one of those caps I love so much! The white plastic ones with the pop up tab. I still have no idea why I like these caps so much, but I do. You can kind of see a little residue from where the aftershave leaked out a little bit on the cap. The color through the bottle is kind of a teal green color, and it dries a little more clear. The scent is kind of faint from the cap, just a hint of alcohol and bergamot.

Imperial Bergamot Aftershave

In your hands it looks even more clear. There’s also no shiny or matte particles floating on the surface of it, unlike some aftershaves have. It almost looks like cucumber water or something in your hand it’s so clear. When it’s in your hands the scent is a bit stronger and you get nice notes of orange peel and lime. The alcohol smell isn’t as strong in your hands either.

Imperial Bergamot Aftershave

When you apply it to you face you first get a nice cooling effect, then a slight tingly burn, then everything fades out and your left with a nice cool face. The scent exploded once you apply it to your face and kind of fan your hands on your face. I got the burst of bergamot, orange, lime, and then hints of like rosemary and flowers. It’s a really cool scent once you apply it and it’s in the air and under your nose. It leaves your face with a nice feel afterwards too. It’s like a moisturized feel, but dry like you just put talc on your face. Definitely not quite what I was expecting.

I was very pleased with the scent and performance of this stuff. It will definitely be one of my more frequently used aftershaves. The aesthetic of the bottle is also a nice thing. It adds some more character to my collection. This is definitely an aftershave I recommend trying out, and trying out ASAP! Head on over to http://www.pomade.com to pick up a bottle of this stuff. And while you are there, browse the store. Edgar has all kinds of shave and hair products on there. Thanks again Edgar, this was a fun batch of products to try out! I can’t wait to review some more stuff for you!