The quest for the perfect grooming product, and a passion for all things distinguished and refined, led the founders to create JS Sloane Co. Friends since the late 80's the pair bonded over a shared love of Hollywood's golden era and the distinguished and dashing leading men of the silver screen. With this dapper gent in mind, they've developed their first products offering a trio of bespoke grooming essentials. Heavyweight Brilliantine, Mediumweight Brilliantine, and High Gloss Top Coat each offer a modern take on old-school men's hair dressing.

JS Sloane Co. wanted to bring back the sensibility of grooming as ritual and the notion that being well-groomed was a prerequisite to social interaction. They took on one of hair styling's oldest and most revered products: brilliantine. Also known as pomade, or more commonly hair grease, this scented hair oil seemed as frozen in time as big studio publicity still. Their goal was to create a modern-day version the classic gentle