We are almost done with the JS Sloane line. Today I am trying out their JS Sloane Top Coat. I’m going to be using it on its own for the review to see how it works as a stand alone product.

JS Sloane High Gloss Top Coat front label


This one doesn’t come in the typical JS Sloane packaging, it’s very unique. The oil is in a tall cylindrical clear plastic container. It has grey plastic on the bottom and a grey plastic pull off lid. Just below the lid is a chrome ring. It has the same diamond logo in the front and underneath that is “high gloss top coat.” This one is missing their little dapper guy, kind of a bummer not to see him, I like him. On the back side is the same 5 things; description, directions, caution, ingredient list, and the weight info. This cylinder contains just under 2 fluid ounces of the oil. And like the shampoo bottles the ink is printed right on the clear plastic.

JS Sloane High Gloss Top Coat back label

When you pull off the lid you see why the chrome ring was there. The ring turns into the housing for the little white pump that pumps the oil out of the container. The pump itself is a white plastic pump with a little square mouth where the oil comes out. It’s about as big around as a dime were you push it down. This is by far the most unique packaging for a top coat I’ve ever seen. It’s pretty cool looking.

JS Sloane High Gloss Top Coat cap off

I pumped the little pumper and out came the oil. It’s pretty much a clear oil, it does have a slight yellow tint to it. Looks kind of like vitamin E if you were to squeeze it out of one of the little gel things. It has a nice fresh scent to it, but no where near the smell of their other products. This one is kind of sweet and a little perfumey. It’s a nice smell though and I think it will compliment their pomades well.

It’s a nice light oil so when I rubbed my hands together it spread around after only a couple swipes back and forth. The scent on it kind of weakens when you do that, but it doesn’t disappear completely. Being an oil it is very shiny in your hands ad I imagine it will be very shiny in my hair as well. It has the consistency of vegetable oil, it’s really nice and light.

JS Sloane High Gloss Top Coat

My hair really soaked this oil up. I had to use quite a few helpings to coat my hair evenly. Once I did my hair felt really soft! Being just an oil, it doesn’t hold much. It’s actually very similar to a tonic in terms of hold. But it does make my hair very very shiny! And my hair smelled nice with this oil in it.

JS Sloane High Gloss Top Coat Pomp

Kind of like Black Jack’s top coat this one really made my waves stand out. The shine stayed nice and high all day long, which I loved. However, the hold did kind of weaken as the day went on. I had to recomb my hair a few times so that probably played a part in that. It did recomb very nicely though. A few hairs would go astray when I combed it but I was able to get them to go back into formation.

After a couple days using it on its own I decided I needed to show how it works as a top coat. Especially since it is just an oil and not a light pomade. Just like on its own this one makes my hair really shiny as a top coat. I used their JS Sloane heavyweight as a base, because it had the lesser shine of their pomades. It made a huge difference using this as a top coat with that one, I really liked how my hair shined up!

JS Sloane High Gloss Top Coat Pomp

After the whole day, my hair was still nice and shiny! And having used their heavyweight as a base the hold stayed all day long as well. My hair did harden up like it did with the heavyweight on its own, but it stayed nice and shiny.

For an oil, this stuff isn’t half bad! I don’t think I will be using it as a stand alone, but I will for sure use it as a topper! I have a few pomades in mind that I will be using this one with. If you like oil tonics, and oil top coats, you have to get a vile of this stuff!

Stay slick