This is the final installment of the JS Sloane saga. I’m kind of bummed to be ending the line of products from them. But at the same Tim I’m stoked to be getting to some other pomades I’ve been wanting to for a while now! This last one is their lightweight pomade. They only launched this pomade a few weeks ago, but Joann said that it’s already doing well. Let’s see how this one holds up.

JS Sloane Lightweight Brilliantine top label

They changed up the packaging on this one, I’m not sure how I feel about it yet. I like certain changes, but at the same time a whole different style for one out of the 3 pomades, I don’t know how I like that. Let’s not get too far ahead though. This one is in a tin, which I do like, instead of the plastic tubs. It’s a short version of the Grant’s or Bone Crusher tins, stainless tin with a screw top lid. It’s about the size of a large shoe polish tin. It has two big circle labels on it, one on top, one on bottom.

JS Sloane Brilliantine bottom label

The lid one is like a big version of the small circle on the other lids. The label itself is brown parchment, with gold foil print. And guess who’s back, and in a big way?! Mr. Dapper!! He’s the center of this label, which in my opinion is really cool! Underneath him it says “JS Sloane Lightweight Pomade.” Around the edge it says “keeps hair neat all day” in a ring. The back label has their 4 staples; a description, their directions, a caution, and the ingredient list. Pretty cool label and tin. I think I like this one/style better than the others.

JS Sloane Lightweight Brilliantine open can

Unscrewing the lid you are met with their signature fresh and clean scent. This one seems to be a bit stronger in scent than the other two. Not overpowering, but still stronger, it a great scent so I don’t mind in the least. Unlike their other two this one isn’t pink, it’s a clear-ish pomade. And it doesn’t look like a water based, it looks like a grease. It reminds me of DAX short and neat the way it looks. However it is a water based just like their other ones.

JS Sloane Brilliantine

Seeing it in the tin made me really anxious and curious to scoop it out. As soon as I dig my finger in the pomade I was pleasantly surprised and happy. This stuff feels like a light grease. Very similar to how my pomade is. The only other water based that’s anything similar to this is Layrite’s super shine, but that’s a different texture. After you scoop it out you see little silvery specs in the pomade almost like glitter. Kind of weird, but cool I guess.

Once you work it around in your hands it goes back to feeling like a water based. It has kind of a sticky or tacky feel to it, but it’s still soft. I am still kind of perplexed as to how they got this texture. I mean, it’s a water based, but scoops out like a lighter pomade, yet when you spread it in your hands it feels tacky. It’s definitely cool and unique, and I like unique.

JS Sloane Brilliantine Pomp

After it got tacky on me I kind of expected it to go on like a water based and it did. I went it actually more like a heavier one than a light one. Even their other two went in easier than this one. I know, this pomade keeps jumping around on me, it’s weird.

However, when I ran my comb through my hair it was like combing a cream. It combed so easy it’s not funny. I kind of got bummed out, because something that soft doesn’t hold very well or very long. Oh well I can use it for slick backs or gentleman’s parts.

I started to form my pomp and it pulled a Lone Star Pomade on me and stiffened up as soon as I ran comb upward. It didn’t harden, but it became more like a heavy pomade and allowed me to actually get a decent size pomp going. I was really happy with how this pomade combed and styled, it was really awesome. And on another good note, this stuff shines up my hair really nicely. This pomade is making a great first impression on me. Let’s see how it holds up all day.

Once I got to work I noticed how good this pomade made my hair look. I was really impressed at how nice it still looked after it dried. This one dies dry up kind of hard. Well it’s hard to the touch, but if you squeeze some of your hair it feels more squishy. Yeah I used squishy, I don’t know how else to describe it, it feels almost like foam that’s moldable. I took a hair grouping and pinched it using my thumb, index and middle finger. When I did that it was left with a rounded part where my thumb was.

JS Sloane Brilliantine Pomp

Throughout the day I saw the shine slowly start to fade. It didn’t disappear, but changed. My hair started with a glisten to it, toward the end of the day it had a matte shine to it. Everything stayed in place right where I left it that morning and my hair still looked really good. So far I’m really happy with how this pomade holds up.

I got a bit more height with it the second go ’round, not a whole lot but some. And it had some decent shine to it that time too. This time the shine stayed a little bit longer which was definitely a plus for me. I was liking how my hair looked even more the second time using it. I don’t like to boast, but my hair looked damn good! I will definitely be using this pomade as often as I can. I really live how it makes my hair look! One weird thing this pomade also does is hardly move during sleep. I woke up and my hair was 70-75% in place. Pretty much only the back was messed up. Really odd, but awesome! Every other pomade turns my hair to Tim Burton hair during the night. So for kicks I wet the back of my hair and recombed it, my hair looked almost good as new. Haha damn this pomade is freakin awesome!!

Being a water based this one washes out with just a little water. Another cool thing is that my hair is left nice and soft with this pomade! I didn’t need any kind of shampoo or conditioner like I do with most water bases. I thought it was a little out place that this one left my hair soft, but their other two didn’t. I’m definitely not complaining though.

I am thoroughly impressed with JS Sloane lightweight pomade . I don’t know how JS Sloane did it, but this has got to be one of of the best, if not the best, water based I’ve used so far. Yeah, I’m saying that it is that good. I wish this one came in the larger version of its tin though. Mainly because I want more of this pomade. I guess I will just have to call Joann and give her some money for another couple cans of it. I highly highly recommend you guys get this stuff. It really is a great pomade and one of the best water bases out there. Check out their other products and pick some up. It’s been a great run, but I gotta say goodbye to the JS Sloane line. At least until the come out with a new product. Thank you again Joann I appreciate you sending me all those products! And thank you too Smutty for checking out my blog and letting me review your products! Can’t wait to see what you guys come out with next.

Stay slick guys