Hey gents, back with another shaving product. This one is hot off the presses too! It’s the brand new shaving cream from the fine folks over at JS Sloane.

JS Sloane Shave Cream can

It comes in a somewhat familiar amber plastic tub with a metal screw top lid. Only this lid is stainless instead of white or black. It has the brown paper and gold foil labeling with brown ink like their lightweight pomade does. But since this is such a big tub, it also has a can wrap. The lid label looks kind of like the lightweight’s does. It has the little dapper guy in the center with the weight info and “made in new york usa” below him. On either side of him in a circular border ring are barber poles. Above him is “JS Sloane” and below him is “Shaving Cream.” Very simple label, but it has the coolest classic look to it. The can wrap kind of resembles the lid label with the little dapper guy and the name in the center. On the back side is JS Sloane’s standard info. A blurb about the shaving cream, directions for use, a caution, and the ingredient list. It also has the weight info as well on the backside in the bottom corner.

JS Sloane Shave Cream open can

Having loved all of their other products, I was pretty anxious to try this one out. So as soon as I unscrewed the lid I was immediately met with the familiar scent of the JS Sloane products. However, it did have a slight hint of something else in there, to me it smelled like mint. I really dig the color of the shaving cream as well. It’s not your typical white, it’s a very soft pink. It kind of looks like a lighter version of the “its a girl” pink. The texture looks very similar to the Suavecito shaving cream. So I am guessing that this shaving cream is a pre-whipped cream and I don’t have to lather it myself.

JS Sloane Shave Cream

I dipped my shaving brush into the cream and swirled around a bit. It felt a lot like the Suavecito cream as well. This one is a bit thicker than that shaving cream though. You can see the thickness of it where it curls like an ice cream cone does. And it completely covers my brush unlike some of the other creams I’ve used.

The moment I swirled it onto my cheeks I knew I was right about the mint. It felt like ice on my face and the scent changed to more of a dominant menthol scent. And I’m a huge fan of menthol, so I really loved the way that it smelled and the cooling effect it had on my face. This stuff gives you a little bit thicker coverage than the Suavecito cream did. But I think the Suavecito menthol cooling effect is stronger than this one is. Either way I still like the feel of both shaving creams.

JS Sloane Shave Cream

As I began to shave I noticed that this shaving cream doesn’t break down like others that I have used. It more tends to clump/gum up kind of like that “evolution man” shaving cream I tried. Surprisingly it started to clog my razor. Not as bad as that other shaving cream did, but still I noticed that the cream wanted to stay inside the razor more than others do.

Once I finished shaving and wiped my face off, I decided to feel my face to see how soft it was. This stuff leaves your face very soft and smooth. I’m sure the feather blade that I used to shave with also helped with the smoothness. However, the shaving cream does leave your face nice and soft.

This shaving cream is a decent shaving cream for a non-lathering cream. The packaging is really awesome and so is the color of the shaving cream. The scent is really awesome inside the tub! They should make an aftershave smells like this, (clears throat). Also I like the smell of the shaving cream on my face as well as the cooling effect that it gave. Everything I didn’t like about it was how it clogged my razor. I can definitely recommend trying out this shaving cream!

Stay fresh fellas,