I decided to stick to the washable products so I’m going with another water based. Today I’m getting back to the Layrite line with their Deluxe Pomade, or regular hold. I contacted Mike over at Layrite about getting a tub of this and their comb to review and he sent me one out straight away. I literally got it 2 days later! Now that’s fast shipping and awesome customer service! So like with the Murray’s Edgewax this one got bumped up to the front of the line. I want to give Mike, his team and all the great folks over at Layrite a huge “THANK YOU!” for sending these out to me, and sending them out so damn fast! I will be reviewing their comb simultaneously, so keep an eye out for that review soon. On to this one.

Layrite Deluxe Pomade can

Just like their other products, this one comes in their 4oz plastic tub with a screw top lid. The labeling on this one is different from the super shine though. This one is yellow instead of red and it has a different layout to it. On the lid in brown ink it has “Layrite” across the center. Above it is their girl, below it is “Deluxe Pomade water soluble – hy sheen!” Around the edge is a brown ring that has their web site and says “Holds like a wax. Washes out like a gel.” The lid also has the same gold ring label on its edge. On the front it has the same wording inside a brown rectangle with hands holding cards, one card of each suit, in all four corners. It also says “men’s grooming products” and has a girl on each side of it. This one has the same blurb about the product, directions, ingredients, company info and “made in the u.s.a. cruelty free.”

Layrite Deluxe open can

When you open up this tub you’re met with a bright orange gel. It looks exactly like orange Jell-O. There isn’t really any other way to describe it. This stuff makes me want to eat it! Not just because of the look of it, but the smell also! The smell of this is heavenly, no pun intended, it smells like angel food cake! Lovely sweet, sugary, creamy vanilla. And it has a slight orange candy scent on the back end. If I was still a quirky little kid I probably would’ve tasted it.

Layrite Deluxe Pomade

I dug my finger into this glorious orange gel and I got exactly what I was expecting. A nice bouncy, rubbery and slightly tacky goop. It was a little bit more rubbery than most water bases out there. And this stuff sticks together really well out of the tub. It stands up straight instead of being rounded like most water bases out there do.

As I worked it in my palms it got a lot softer and had an almost wet feel to it. More so than other water based pomades out there. It also has a nice tackiness to it like a petro-waxy pomade does. And holy crap does the smell get strong on this one when you have it worked in your hands! I really love the sweet smell this stuff has to it!

Running my hands over my hair was a lot like using a heavy wax. It kind of wanted to stick my hairs to my hands and most of it stayed on the top of my hair. I had to scoop a second time to get the back side of my hairs and the sides. Once I got it all in my hair with my hands I noticed the shine it had! Hopefully it will stay that shiny!

Layrite Deluxe pomp

I grabbed my comb and went on to work it all in. This stuff was hard for me to comb through the first time. It was by far the toughest water based I’ve used so far to comb in. However, once I got all my hairs combed back once, it became a lot easier to comb. Kind of weird how it was hard to do the first combing.

After I got it worked in I pulled out the Layrite comb to style with. The teeth on it are too fine to initially work the stuff into my hair, so I used my trusty super comb. It was really easy to style with this comb and I thought it gave my hair a nice look. I was able to get some nice height with this stuff as well.

Layrite Deluxe pomp

The second day I used it, I decided to apply it to dry hair just to see how it worked. It was a bit harder to apply and comb in, but it held a little better than when my hair was wet. It also gave a bit more shine to my hair when I applied it to dry hair. I think I like applying it to damp hair better, but the shine and hold are better when dry. Ah!

I noticed a significant difference in the hardness of when it dries between the two as well. Dry it hardens way more than damp, almost like hair spray. So it’s kind of 6 in one, half a dozen in the other. Both applications have the positives and negatives. Being a water based you guys know that it washes out with just water. If you need to recomb your hair, just dab some water on your hair and wet your comb then style back up.

After using this stuff for a few days, I think I dig it. I can definitely see myself using this one again in the future. It has a fantastic scent, cool looking color, nice hold and washes out with just water, plus some shine when you apply it to dry hair. Stay tuned for the review of their comb. I’m going to use it with, a topper, cream, tonic, grease, wax and another water based to give it a proper review.

Catch ya next time!